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Feedback and Reviews from Our Clients


I was overwhelmed with the amount of clutter in my garage after years of accumulation. Junk Masterz came in, and within a few hours, my garage was completely transformed. They were punctual, professional, and handled everything with care. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to declutter their home

Alex Rando

“Moving out of our old house was stressful enough without having to deal with all the junk we had accumulated over the years. Junk Masterz made the process so much easier. They removed old furniture, appliances, and a ton of other items we didn’t need. The team was friendly, efficient, and the price was very reasonable.”

Amy Danilla

“After a major renovation, we had a lot of construction debris that needed to be removed. Junk Masterz provided excellent service, clearing everything out quickly and leaving the site spotless. Their commitment to eco-friendly disposal was a big plus for us. Fantastic job!”



“We recently had to clean out my parents’ house after they downsized. Junk Masterz handled the entire estate cleanout with such sensitivity and professionalism. They sorted through everything, recycling and donating usable items. It was a huge relief during a difficult time. I can’t thank them enough.”

David Martinez

“I had a few large items like an old piano and a broken hot tub that I had no idea how to get rid of. Junk Masterz took care of everything. They navigated the tight spaces in my home without causing any damage and removed the items swiftly. Their service is worth every penny.”

Emily Parker

“I was dreading the attic cleanout, but Junk Masterz made it a breeze. They were on time, very thorough, and respectful of my home. They even helped me identify items that could be donated. I feel so much lighter now that the clutter is gone. Highly recommend their services!”

Emma Johnson